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dear girl

In honor of the  {International Dayof the Girl}
Here are some words that I wrote this summer because of the middle school girls I worked with

Dear Girl,  I know that life isn't always  easy right now
I know that this feeling  of swirling in emotions  of learning to love a brain and body that is changing and growing  can be confusing  and frankly tiring at times
I know that the world is  telling you to be something  successful  something  gorgeous  something  perfectly photoshopped  but in real life graceful and ladylike but adventurous and strong  but not TOO strong  because then you're too macho and then maybe that means you're  not a girl at all
I know that the world is  telling you to speak your mind  but not to be divisive  tell people how you feel but not to be emotional  be athletic  but for goodness sake  don't "throw like a girl" be healthy  but measure health  by the thickness of your thighs
I know that the world is  telling you that  makeup big breas…

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