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ponder anew

Lately, I have become very aware of how weary I am in pretty much every way possible. Amidst heavy experiences with the world around me, with the world within me, with the weighty realities of the seen and unseen, It is easy to want to sit in the heaviness and feel pretty crushed.
Thankfully, and thank God, Holy likes to remind me that the Lord has something so much better for me than to sit and feel crushed. 
I love hymns. The raw truths that so many of them contain consistently strike a chord with my heart strings. In one way, they remind me of the psalms of King David and Asaph and so many others - how they lifted their voices to God in anger, joy, mistrust, praise, awe. 
They remind me that crying out to our Father is not made to be a Sunday morning routine, or a thing to do only when you are put together or completely filled with thanksgiving and peace. What true friends only talk about the easy things?? 
I mean, the Psalms are RAW and truthful, y'all. There is no…

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